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Daniele Nicolucci

Translation services… and more!

Translation / Proofreading

I’m a native Italian speaker and I can translate all sorts of documents, from Italian to English and from English to Italian. I can also proofread documents in Italian and English, both original or pre-translated.

Sworn translations

Upon request, I can provide a certification of my translation, issued by the Court of Chieti or a Notary Public in Italy.
Such certification makes the translation as official as the original document.

Captioning / Subtitling

If you have a video in English or Italian, I can take care of the whole captioning and/or subtitling process, including accurate timing and proper rendering of person changes and environmental sounds.

Sworn translations

Certified by the Court of Chieti or a Notary Public.

No problem!

Video captioning and subtitling in various formats, as needed.


“I tasked Daniele with various projects. I was impressed by his perfect knowledge of the English language, which came to light through a big project that he completed as if he were a native English speaker.”

— Sonia Milan, Opinity

“[Daniele’s] high quality work is always delivered on time and is an asset to any project. [He] is hardworking, highly responsive and insightful and his passion for language and technology comes through in every task. His expertise in English to Italian translation is impressive and we rely on Daniele for various technical and non technical translations, proofreading, quality assurance and glossary creation projects.”

— Ruby Brasiello-Thurgate, Appen

“A great translator, accurate and reliable! Extremely willing to cooperate.”

— Serena Lorenzon, Love4Pets

Let me help you break down
the language barrier

Translating documents, localizing apps and manuals, captioning or subtitling videos:
whatever your project is, let’s have a chat about it. I’m on your side to help you succeed!