Daniele Nicolucci is a linguist based in Italy and offers a wide range of services.


Translation of documents from Italian to English and from English to Italian, with optional certification / notarization and apostille by an Italian Court.


Proofreading of original or translated documents in Italian or English, including checking for consistency with other documents and/or specific style guides.


Transcription of tapes and audio files in either Italian or English, with optional timestamping. The output can also be translated for localisation.

Captioning / Subtitling

Captioning and subtitling of films and videos in either Italian or English, including environmental sounds and on-screen text, timed to the original via a standard .srt file. The output file can also be translated for localisation.

The full site is coming soon!

In the meantime, you can contact me directly at daniele@nicolucci.eu. If you are inquiring about a quote, please attach the source document or a link to the audio/video file. Thank you!