Audio transcription

If you have an audio track — such as a school lecture, a conference recording, or even the audio track in a video — I can provide a complete transcription of it, whether the source is in English or Italian.

Timestamps, environmental sounds, and more

Audio transcriptions will always include a mention of speaker changes, and they can be either simple or timestamped. A timestamped transcription will include a time reference (based on the source audio) for each spoken utterance, or alternatively at any specified interval, e.g. a marker every 3 minutes. In addition to this, transcriptions may optionally include environmental sounds, i.e. markers for background noises, coughs, and the like.

What if I need a translation of the transcription?

All of the above can obviously also be translated: if the audio is in English, I can provide all of the above also in Italian, and vice versa.

Need a quote? Contact me!

Feel free to contact me for a quote! For a speedier response, please send me a link to your source audio file (for instance on SoundCloud; an unlisted track will work) and tell me what your requirements and deadline are. Rest assured that all your information and data will remain private.